When the price of 1 Bitcoin will reach $100.000 do you want to regret you didn’t buy at $28.000?

There’s no point to regreting now that you didn’t buy Bitcoin in 2010, 2015 or 2018.
Now you can make a better decision. When Bitcoin will reach $100.000 you’ll regret that you didn’t buy at $28.000 in 2020.

Everyone who ever bought Bitcoin is now in profit. Even the people that bought at the top in 2017.

There’s no room for regrets.
It’s not too late to get into Bitcoin, not even at $28.000.

We are still very early to the party.
As hard as it is to believe, most people haven’t heard about Bitcoin yet.
And even if they heard about it, they’re too scared or don’t know how to invest.

In March, when Bitcoin hit $4500 – you would hear fearful people say it’s going to 0, so they didn’t buy.

In July, when it hit $10.000 it looked to expensive for them.

Now at $28.000 they are rushing in to buy some.

Humans are so illogical.

STOP! overcomplicating things and just start buying $5, $10 worth or how much Bitcoin you can afford and continue doing that every week, no matter if the price for 1 Bitcoin is $30.000 or $3000 – keep acumulating.

If you are scared the price will drop in the near future, just keep acumulating this way.
If you truly belive Bitcoin has a future, just buy now and hold it for years to come.

Will the Bitcoin price drop? For sure, 100%.
When? I have no idea.
By how much? No one knows.

When the Bitcon price drops, sucesfull investors buy more, because we see it as an opportunity.
It’s a discount, not a crash.
You like buying things at a discount? Do the same with Bitcoin.

Does Bitcoin drop by 30%? Great! Don’t be fearful, go on a shopping spree.

Do you want to understand why the price of Bitcoin will go to $100.000 in the next couple of years?

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