The Coinbase Pro fees are only 0.5% per transaction so why are you still paying such high commissions on Coinbase Pro is the advanced trading platform from Coinbase and it might look scary for beginners. But it doesn’t have to be. I recorded the video below so that even you can start buying Bitcoin at the best price. What I’ll teach you will save you a lot of money.

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I’m sharing with you a simple trick about how to spend less on fees with Coinbase and how to get a better price when buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It involves using the advanced trading platform from Coinbase called Coinbase Pro, but not before I go you through the Coinbase account and how to use it.

Pro charges much fewer fees because it was not made for beginners but I’m making it beginner-friendly for you. A great benefit of Coinbase is that you can make bank deposits with no fees and also withdraw without paying any fees. Therefore, if you use Coinbase Pro, you will get the best deals when it comes to buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

If you are interested in a written article instead of a video, check it here: Buy Bitcoin with Coinbase Pro Exchange


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