I appreciate you taking the time to read what my site it’s about but most importantly learning about cryptocurrency and investments. I really do, because I know how scary and overwhelming getting into investments can be, especially if you have no knowledge about finance and economics.

As I’m writing this, I’m still scared and overwhelmed but I’d like to think I passed the critical phase and I’m ready to share my experience to make you feel more confident about your investing decisions.

While starting my investing journey I really felt the need of a mentor to guide me into the unknown. There’s a ton of free, good quality information online, but it took me months until I was confident enough to take action and create an investing strategy for myself.

I want the best results with the least involvement on my side. I don’t want investments to be a burden. I don’t want to spend time every day looking at charts or in the market.

I just want my money to make more money. Unless you are passionate about the subject, I believe you desire the same thing.

So there you have it, straight to the point: I’m going to share with you my knowledge and experience so that you can stress less, make more money and enjoy more free time doing what you love. It’s all about freedom, baby!

Feel free to leave a comment, contact me and share your thoughts. I welcome feedback, criticism, and appreciation. If you have a question, send it my way, don’t keep it for yourself! I’ll be happy to find an answer together.

Your friend,